FOOTY LEGEND: Scott Prince will play in Cherbourg for the Legends of League event
FOOTY LEGEND: Scott Prince will play in Cherbourg for the Legends of League event Paul Donaldson BUN311016TOUCH3

Big week planned for Legends of League stars

IT WILL be a full schedule of events for former NRL stars when they arrive in the South Burnett next week.

The Legends of League event kicks off on Saturday February 9, but the well known sports stars will have enjoyed a week of festivities before they pull on their jerseys and mouth guards.

Event organiser, Troy Byers said some of the players will arrive on the South Burnett as early as Tuesday February 5.

"I will arrive with Nathan Blacklock and Craig Teevan," he said.

"First thing we will be doing is going to Cherbourg Council to make sure everything is on track."

By Tuesday afternoon, the players will meet some of the Cherbourg team as they go through some of their last minute preparation.

A lot of the setting up of the event will happen on Wednesday and by Thursday, players will visit various schools in the region.

"We will hopefully have Willie Tonga with us by then and we will be going to schools in Murgon, Moffatdale and Cherbourg," Byers said.

All the players will be in town by Friday and their first port of call is Cherbourg's Ration Shed.

"It is a great opportunity for the players to get an understanding of the Cherbourg community," Byers said.

"I have been there four times and I think it is important that they understand what happened in the community and an understanding of the community itself."

Friday afternoon the players will meet and greet with the fans for photos and autographs before going home to rest and mentally prepare before the big game on Saturday.

Event organiser, Byers said while the game was all in good fun, the former NRL stars would not be going easy on the Cherbourg Hornets legends.

"It'll be 95 per cent serious," he said.

"If they run hard at our boys, they will get hit hard."

Byers praised the Cherbourg community for hosting the event and the Murgon business community for their strong support.

"The South Burnett really love their footy, it's going to be a huge event," he said.

Byers said there were so many crowd favourites in the NRL team.

"Scott Prince could still play professionally, he understands the game and sets the boys up," he said.

"Hoppa, Chris (Walker), Kerry (Bourstead) and Nathan (Blacklock) are always fun.

"Robbie O (O'Davis) is great with the fans."