Maddog (centre) with Edge (left) and Crangy from Loners Motorcycle Club.
Maddog (centre) with Edge (left) and Crangy from Loners Motorcycle Club. Matt Collins

Biker President riding three months after losing leg

IN EARLY August 2016, Loners Motorbike Club President, Jason 'Maddog' Hampton and Vice-President, 'Edge' set out on a ride like they had done hundreds of times before.

The pair were following a vehicle on the Bruce highway near Kybong when the vehicle stop suddenly on the highway to turn right.

As Maddog recalls, both the riders were thrown from their bikes and had no time to react.

"The driver stopped so quickly we couldn't do anything," he said.

Maddog's right leg was severely damaged and in November 2017 specialists advised they would need to amputate.

The brave motorcycle club member was not deterred and told doctors he would be riding again in three months.

"I told them I'd be back on my bike in three months after they amputate and it was three months and two weeks," he said.

When asked if getting back on the bike after such a short time was really brave or really silly, Maddog just smiled and said "You gotta do what you enjoy."

Maddog, who with Edge and other members of the Loners Motorcycle Club (Gympie branch) attended the popular Bikers 4 Farmers event in Kingaroy on Saturday 15 September raising much needed funds for drought affected farmers.

He said it was never a question of whether he would get back on the bike again but he admits he does tread a little more carefully these days.

"It does affect you a little bit, you become a little bit more cautious," he said.