Arianna Offord gave birth to her baby girl Mia May Hope on the steps of the Kingaroy Hospital.
Arianna Offord gave birth to her baby girl Mia May Hope on the steps of the Kingaroy Hospital.

Woman gives birth at Kingaroy Hospital entrance

NOTHING prepared mother-of-two Arianna Offord for the speedy arrival of her newborn baby.

Little Mia was born near the entrance to the Kingaroy Hospital on Wednesday after a whirlwind one-hour labour.

One of the first people to welcome the new bub was endorsed enrolled nurse, Allan Platz.

Allan and the emergency department team knew Arianna and her partner Adam were en route from their home in Yarraman, but none of them thought they would be greeting the newborn on arrival as well. 

"It all happened so quickly," Allan said.

"But thankfully it was uncomplicated. It was such a relief to hear the baby start to cry straight away."

Arianna arrived at the Kingaroy Hospital after she started having pains earlier that evening.

She decided to try a warm bath to relieve the discomfort, followed by a nap.

However, she woke with a start to discover she was in the throws of labour and her contractions were coming fast.

"Once we arrived at the hospital, my partner, Adam, raced inside to get me a wheelchair and some help," Arianna said.

"He came back, I sat in the wheelchair, we took two steps and the baby was completely out.

"I was terrified but Allan from emergency thankfully was there to calm us down and help.

If it wasn't for his quick thinking, I think we would have been in a lot of trouble."

Arianna was wheeled into emergency and spent two days in the hospital's maternity unit. Both she and her newborn are now doing well at home.

"She is just the best little baby," Arianna said.

"It is definitely a good story and one that we will share with Mia when she is old enough to understand."

Allan has worked in health for 26 years, and at the Kingaroy Hospital for eight years.

"I work in the emergency department mostly dealing with broken bones. I have the utmost respect for our midwives," Allan said.

"They do an amazing job."