Bishop made 50 clemency bids for Bali Nine smugglers

THE two remaining Bali Nine convicted drug smugglers are unlikely to be spared execution after efforts to stop it were rejected.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Monday told Sky News she had made more than 50 representations to the Indonesian Government for clemency.

The two inmates, Myuran Sukamaran and Andrew Chan were the ringleaders of the Bali 9 heroin smuggling group. They face an imminent execution.

Ms Bishop said she met with the families of both the smugglers over the weekend.

She told them she had asked for clemency again, but it was rejected by Indonesia's Foreign Minister.

The rejection follows the execution of several other convicted drug smugglers in Indonesia in recent days and statements from Indonesian President Joko Widodo condemning the drug trade.

Ms Bishop said she, her department and Prime Minister Tony Abbott would continue to talk to the Indonesian Government about the case.