LOCAL CARTOONIST: David Daniel with his selection of children's books at the Blackbutt Art Gallery.
LOCAL CARTOONIST: David Daniel with his selection of children's books at the Blackbutt Art Gallery.

Blackbutt cartoonist teaches kids about environmental sustainability

BLACKBUTT local David Daniel has been living with his wife Heather on their sustainable farm for the past 15 years, where she paints watercolour masterpieces and he writes and illustrates children’s books.

Since moving to Blackbutt, Mr Daniel has also been heavily involved in the community, primarily the local art gallery where he volunteers as secretary.

Mr and Mrs Daniel both have their artistic creations on show and for sale at the gallery, and Mr Daniel has recently written and illustrated a brand new children’s book to add to the collection.

“I’ve got a new book that’s on it’s way,” Mr Daniel said.

“It’s not quite here yet though.

“But I do have all of my others here.”

At the Blackbutt Art Gallery you can drop by and pick up a copy of any of Mr Daniel’s children’s books, all on the importance of environmental sustainability.

“My most recent ones are the Recycle Michael series.

“It’s about a mad environmental scientist that comes up with all of these solutions to ecological issues and other major threats.

“Such as climate change, pollution, and losing our Great Barrier Reef.”

Mr Daniel said one his life passions is looking after the environment, and he previously worked as an agricultural scientist and an agricultural extinction officer.

“I’m really passionate about the environment and I paritculary think it’s important for kids to learn about looking after our home,” he said.

“That’s why these books are directed at kids. They’re fun stories but with a very important learning aspect.”

Mr Daniel also has a series aimed at teaching the younger generation about how to prevent animals from going extinct.

“It’s told by a Tasmanian tiger and his motto is don’t expire light your fire there’s no future in extinction,” he said.

“He takes the kids on an ecological tour through things such as deforestation, erosion, and whatever is affecting our ecosystems.

“I’m really hoping to teach the kids about biodiversity through this but in a fun and creative way.”

Mr and Mrs Daniel lead as sustainable a live as they can on their hobby farm just 15kms outside of Blackbutt.

“We moved out here to have our brave little experiment of self sufficiency,” Mr Daniel said.

“We are run entirely by solar and built our house quite ecologically.

“We also grow most of our own food.

“Really we just live in a way to try and look after our home and keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.”

Both Mr and Mrs Daniel’s creative pieces can be viewed and purchased at the Blackbutt Art Gallery.