"Your victim didn't need to listen to you. Your victim needed to not be assaulted,” the judge said. MaxPixel's contributors

Bloodbath stabber strangled woman in front of girl

A VIOLENT man flew into a rage when his partner accused him of being a junkie, strangling her as a four-year-old girl tried to intervene.

Tristan John Bennett, 36, faced a raft of drug and violence charges when he was sentenced on Friday.

Bennett appeared via videolink from Maryborough.

He was on parole at the time of the offences, Brisbane Supreme Court heard.

He was previously jailed for a bloody New Year's Day attack.

One day in August last year, Bennett's partner found a syringe in his clothes.

"She confronted you and called you a junkie," Justice Peter Applegarth said on Friday.

Bennett reacted to the accusation by strangling his partner as a terrified girl tried to intervene.

"During that time the four-year-old was screaming and trying to push you off her mother."

The attack was a "disgrace," the judge told Bennett.

"No four-year-old should see violence perpetrated on a parent."

Bennett shoved the girl away, the court heard.

The woman escaped serious injury or death after the assault thanks only to "good fortune," Justice Applegarth added.

Bennett also lifted up a stick 40cm long and told the woman she needed to listen to him.

"Your victim didn't need to listen to you. Your victim needed to not be assaulted," the judge said.

The woman managed to get into a car, drive to a nearby town and call police.

An arrest warrant was issued but it was not until March 10 this year that police found Bennett in a house, along with drugs.

He was taken to Hervey Bay watch house and charged with the drug and violence offences.

Bennett was also charged after a run-in with cops in which he "swung several punches" at police but missed.

A further charge related to him having marijuana worth about $5000-$8000.

In 2012, Bennett was arrested after a New Year's Day bloodbath.

Bennett stabbed a man in a toilet at Maryborough's Criterion Hotel.

The victim's intestines were spilling out of his skin after the stabbing.

After that attack, Bennett was eligible for parole in May 2014.

For the latest offences he was given an aggregate sentence of five years' jail.

Justice Applegarth said Bennett had taken some steps towards rehabilitation in the past eight months.

He will be eligible for parole on January 10, 2019. -NewsRegional