Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

Double oh dear ... Simon Cowell buys baby Aston Martin pram

SIMON Cowell has spent £2,000 on an Aston Martin pram for his baby boy Eric, based on the car manufacturer's flashy £1.2 million One-77 model.

The media mogul - who, along with his partner Lauren Silverman, welcomed their son into the world last month - has paid £2,000 on the top-of-the range buggy so that Eric can enjoy the same luxuries in life as his father.

A source told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "Simon is used to enjoying ultimate luxury wherever he goes and of course he wants the same for his son."

The couple bought the pram during a recent shopping trip to Harrods, leading the upmarket department store to sell out of the item - with only 800 models made - which they describe as "the world's most outstanding contemporary baby travel system".

The store also claims it "cocoons and protects like no other".

The pricey pram features a hand stitched Italian leather interior, and is modelling off the £1.2 million Aston Martin One-77 coupe.

Simon recently insisted he was "born" for fatherhood, although he admitted he had his doubts before the birth of his son.

He said: "I was born to be a dad ... I actually said to Lauren beforehand, 'What if I like the dogs more than him?' - and she said, 'You're gonna be absolutely fine,' and then literally within seconds of him being born, I got it!"