Booming numbers: Kangaroo culling permits fast tracked

THE Queensland Government has fast tracked culling permits allowing landholders to shoot 1000 kangaroos per property after an explosion in numbers across the state.

Legislative changes introduced last year allow regional landholders to be issued with damage mitigation permits to shoot kangaroos for up to a year whereas previously they would only be issued for six months.

In response to a Question without Notice tabled in State Parliament this week, Environment Minister Andrew Powell said areas across central and southern Queensland had seen an explosion in kangaroo populations as a result of worsening climate conditions.

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He said the increase in population was largely the result of a bust phase that occurs as part of the ongoing cycle of good seasons followed by drought.

"There will be no requirement for an onsite inspection as it is well known that there are high densities of animals and they do cause significant de-pasturing and crop damage in these circumstances," he said.

"There is a limit on the number of kangaroos that can be issued on a lethal damage mitigation permit.

"There is no restriction, however, on how often a landholder can apply for a permit.

"So if the 1000 animals on a permit have been culled, the landholder can apply for another 1000 immediately."

Mr Powell said the Department of Environment's Toowoomba office has been assigned to issue the permits as their first priority and additional staff had been sourced to provide a seven-day turnaround on permits that previously took 40 days.