The Boondooma Dam Yellowbelly Fishing Competition will not be going ahead in 2021. File Photo.
The Boondooma Dam Yellowbelly Fishing Competition will not be going ahead in 2021. File Photo.

Boondooma fishing comp cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns

After celebrating its 30 year anniversary last year, the Boondooma Dam Yellowbelly Fishing Competition will sadly not be going ahead in 2021, forcing fishing enthusiasts to stow away their rods for another year.

Taking to Facebook to break the bad news to eager fishermen and woman across Queensland and Northern NSW, Boondooma stocking group’s Matthew Mott and club secretary Russell Steinhardt said the heart-wrenching decision was in the best interest of the community.

“Our committee has made a very hard decision, with the coronavirus and the situation in NSW, Victoria and a little bit Queensland, we had to cancel our comp for this year,” Mr Steinhardt said.

“Our priority is our community, our fishermen, our spectators, and our club members. Safety is our highest priority.

“I’ve had a fair few sleepless nights making this decision with the committee, but we feel this is the right way.”

Mr Mott credited the committee for the incredible amount of work put in to ensure the 2021 event went ahead safely, however due to recent restrictions placed on Greater Brisbane, the team could not risk the safety of their attendees and were forced to pull the plug.

“Russell has put an amazing amount of work and so have a lot of guys in the club to try and make sure this was going to happen, but it just got too hard,” Mr Mott said.

“We can’t guarantee people's safety, which is our main priority, and we can’t guarantee our sponsors are going to get what they want.

“We are bitterly disappointed, but next year we’ll be bigger and better than ever before.”

The Yellowbelly Fishing Competition is the major fundraising event for the Boondooma Dam Fish Stocking and Management Association Inc and has grown over the last three decades to become the largest freshwater fishing event in Queensland.

If you have already made a booking for the comp that you would like to reschedule, postpone or cancel, please get in touch with Boondooma Dam Fish Stocking.