Boxing great Roberto Duran says Jeff Horn can win

ALL-TIME boxing great Roberto Duran says he would have beaten Manny Pacquiao if they had fought in their primes and that Jeff Horn can do the job on Sunday at Suncorp Stadium in Australia's biggest ever fight.

The fighter known as "The Hands of Stone'' was supported by American Tim Bradley, who beat Pacquiao in 2012.

Bradley said Horn had the ability to do "something great'' on Sunday but that he would have to knock Pacquiao cold to do it.

"If Jeff is going to win it has to be by knockout,'' Bradley said.

Legendary fighter Roberto Duran at the official VIP luncheon for the Pacquiao-Horn fight at the Brisbane Convention Centre on Friday.
Legendary fighter Roberto Duran at the official VIP luncheon for the Pacquiao-Horn fight at the Brisbane Convention Centre on Friday. News Corp Australia
"He really has to hurt Manny to slow him up. That's the only way.

"Even at 38 Manny is still lightning fast. It's going to be so tough for Jeff to win by a decision against a guy who is so busy and has such speed and experience.

"But good luck to Jeff. He has a real shot.''

When asked if he thought Horn had a chance, Duran, 66, the legendary Panamanian replied: "Yes. Why not? Why can't he win?''

"I saw Horn on TV. He is bigger than Pacquiao and strong. I hope it is a great fight for the public and for the world.

"I was a better fighter than Pacquiao. More wisdom and experience. Boxing wise I was more intelligent than him. He only has one style of fighting.''

Horn, 29, is planning to use his 7kg weight advantage in the fight to full effect, bustling and hustling Pacquiao at every opportunity, pushing against him and using his physical strength to wear the older man down.

"My plan is all about timing him and bringing him onto punches,'' Horn said.

"He's the smaller man but he's the biggest mountain I've had to climb and I'm ready.

"I have an awkward style and I plan to give him a lot of problems with the punches coming at him from all angles. In a hard, physical fight it's going to be tough for Pacquiao to push a lot more weight than I have to push. He'll be lighter than me and that means he'll have to work much harder.''

Horn's trainer Glenn Rushton said ``When you go deep into the late rounds, the strength and the vigour of the younger man has to come to the fore.

Panamanian boxing great Roberto Duran.
Panamanian boxing great Roberto Duran. News Corp Australia

"We have a simple plan. We intend to get in front, we intend to stay in front and we intend to win. This will be a war and a good big man will always beat a good smaller man.

"I know the huge crowd will lift Jeff to dizzying heights.''

Rushton said while Duran was "The Hands of Stone" … you will see that Jeff Horn has a jaw of stone. He is so tough and unstoppable.''

Jeff Fenech has urged Horn to "bash'' Pacquiao in close and use as many rough tactics as possible.

To a rousing cheer at a "Legends Lunch'' at the Brisbane Convention Centre Fenech said: "I think we're going to have an a new Australian world champion.

"But Jeff must wear Manny down. He has to set a fast pace right from the opening bell.''