MEETING CHALLENGES: Ben Golder. Meg Gannon

Boy battles brain injury to win local award

WHEN the teachers at Dalby Christian College approached Gina Golder and told her their plans to nominate her son Ben for the Children of Courage award, Mrs Golder couldn't help but feel proud and quite flattered.

"I was really chuffed actually that they considered him for that,” Mrs Golder said.

For a boy of 10, Ben has had his fair share of challenges.

He suffers from a hemiplegia, leaving him partially paralysed on the right side of his body.

"Everything is very challenging for him, from eating to getting dressed,” Mrs Golder said.

Ben has also had three brain surgeries, and has an acquired brain injury, but that doesn't stop him from staying positive, and happy.

In his first year at the Christian College, he has already began making his mark on the sporting scene, particularly in soccer, cricket and cross-country, in between being a kind and caring friend.