Barbara Gibbs from Barbie Jeans Laundry Clean, Boyne Island.
Barbara Gibbs from Barbie Jeans Laundry Clean, Boyne Island. Mike Richards GLA

Boyne laundromat owner feels harassed by teenagers

FOR the past six months Barbara Gibb's laundromat at Boyne Island has been targeted by young teenagers.

"Every night after school they're here," she said.

"It's always the same youths, they ride up the ramp on their scooters and jump into the shop while there are customers there and taunt them."

Ms Gibb owns Barbie Jeans Laundry Clean and said the teen problem had been going on for some time.

"The problem has been going on with them before I bought the shop in January," she said.

"Female customers have told me they don't feel safe so I've stopped opening up at night."

Last month a ceramic pot was thrown through the shop window.

"It was a different group of kids but I got them on video," Ms Gibb said.

"The police came back later and said they got the person who did it."

On Tuesday evening Ms Gibb said her machines had been damaged by youths looking for money.

"You can see they've got a little tomahawk with all these attachments like a Swiss Army knife," she said.

A police spokesperson said the incident was being investigated and patrols of the area had increased.

If you see anything, call Crime Stoppers.