FIGHTING ON: Braxton Rayner.
FIGHTING ON: Braxton Rayner. Meg Gannon

Brain tumour survivor wins local award

YOUNG Braxton Rayner has made a big name for himself in Dalby at the tender age of seven.

Diagnosed with a rare brain tumour in 2013, Braxton was faced with challenges tougher than what his parents Clinton and Kirsten could have imagined.

But with each day, Braxton defies the odds and embraces life the way any young boy should.

"Every child is special to you, but with everything he's been through I just think he's one brave boy,” Mrs Rayner said.

"He makes us proud every day. He's very special to us.

"You look at him and you look at all the stuff he's been through and you think 'could I have done that when I was a kid?',” Mr Rayner said.

"He's courageous.”

When it came time to nominate Braxton for the Children of Courage awards, his parents didn't have to think twice, as he shows his courage every day.