Surprise late nomination for Ipswich mayor

A MAN who began an online election campaign as "a bit of a joke" has entered a formal nomination and become a serious contender for Ipswich's top job.

After launching his social media campaign under the banner Big Dal for Ipswich Mayor and 'The People's Mayor', Dallas Klass was inundated with people imploring him to run.

This morning Mr Klass, a well-known Ipswich personality, lodged a formal nomination.


The family man caring for five children while running his own concrete business says he will take this election campaign seriously.

 "I know it was a bit of fun at the start when a couple of mates started the Facebook Page but since then a lot of people have really been pushing me to actually run," Mr Klass said.

"I will be serious about it. I don't want to waste people's time.

"It is a serious thing, and I've realised it's not something to joke about."

Dallas Klass will run for Ipswich mayor at the August 19 by-election.
Dallas Klass will run for Ipswich mayor at the August 19 by-election.

Mr Klass said he was approached by a number of Ipswich business owners and had a huge volume of support from friends and the community.

"A lot of friends have supported me and basically said, "you're mad if you don't have a crack," Mr Klass said.

"I don't want to embarrass anyone. Before nominating I asked my Mum and she said, "I'm pretty sure you've already embarrassed me, so there's nothing to lose".

Mr Klass is a fourth generation local and Klass Rd at Lowood was named after his great grandfather.   

Mr Klass owns Westside Concrete Pumping based in Bundamba.

He's yet to form a set of policies but outlined three major issues people have raised with him, including dump fees.

"People seem quite upset at the dump fees being increased to $12," Mr Klass said.

"The council gives away free plants with rates each quarter, why not give away a free dump voucher each quarter with rates?"

Three major issues

  • Dump fees
  • Increased support for small business
  • More public facilities, such as pools