No fuss, only scanning. It's all about workflow.
No fuss, only scanning. It's all about workflow.

Brother ups the ante with new scanners

BROTHER Australia's more than a little happy to be releasing its two new desktop scanners.

The PDS-5000 and PDS-6000 are SME-grade scanners happily bashing away at the notion that scanners are slow. The scanners can suck up 60 and 80 pages respectively and slot them into Brother's OCR software.

This works especially well for the small and mid-sized businesses the scanners are designed for.

These are Brother's frontline business scanners so it's all about workflow.

This includes transforming documents into usable data that can be integrated into workflow processes easily via expanded integration with the TWAIN driver.

Features include increased speed and throughput allowing for higher quality images and larger file sizes.

Kofax VRS compatibility enables both of these scanners to deliver the best-possible image quality through improved optical character recognition (OCR) processing.