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UPDATE: Bundy woman wins fight to save her dog's life

UPDATE: Bundaberg woman Karina Weston has won a QCAT hearing to save the life of her dog. 

The Bundy mum said she was feeling relieved and emotional to know her family would be reunited with their pet. 

THURSDAY: A Bundaberg woman was finding it hard to sleep as she awaits the fate of the dog she says once saved her life.

Karina Weston will be involved in a QCAT hearing between herself and council at 9.30  where a decision will be made on the life of her family's dog.

Miss Weston said the situation unfolded back in 2014 when her American staffy cross Naylah was out of the yard and was alleged to have killed a roaming cat.

But Miss Weston said she never saw any witness reports to say that her dog had killed the cat.

Naylah was then declared a dangerous dog and strict conditions were imposed including that a high fence had to be built and that she could not leave her home except in the event of an emergency.

In January this year, Miss Weston says she had an accident and had to go to hospital, with her son caring for Naylah.

"I had to go and stay with mum for eight weeks to recover from that accident," she said.

Miss Weston said it was then Naylah got into her son's front yard and a neighbour called the council and a destruction order was issued.

She says while the other dog at the home got out onto the street, Naylah was only in the front yard.

Naylah has been in the care of a rescue group since, and the morning's hearing will determine whether the five-year-old dog lives or dies.

"She is extremely docile, she's extremely good with kids, she can actually be a little bit lazy at times and likes to lay around and have lots of cuddles, she loves to sleep in my bed," she said.

Miss Weston says Naylah has never attacked any person or animal and had no problem living with her son's cat.

Through tears, the mum says Naylah once saved her life.

"She saved my life because I was asleep one night and I didn't realise the dryer wasn't switching off," she said.

Miss Weston said Naylah jumped on the bed and made three attempts to get her attention.

"If she hadn't have woken me up, my whole house would have gone up in flames," she said.

"The dryer was totally burnt out."

Miss Weston said she originally flew Naylah in from Brisbane as a pup for her son's 18th birthday, and her nine-year-old daughter was heartbroken to think of learning her fate.

"She's a beautiful dog," she said.

"We're just desperately missing her and want her home - we want our baby.

"Our dog is like family. It's not just saying goodbye to an animal, it's saying goodbye to a family member."

Miss Weston said waiting for her dog's fate was one of the hardest things she had ever had to do.

"I'm devastated and I don't actually know... if we don't make it, I don't know what we're going to do."