BIEDO CEO Kristy Frahm is pleased to be part of the new RDA WBB committee
BIEDO CEO Kristy Frahm is pleased to be part of the new RDA WBB committee Tobi Loftus

Burnett leaders chosen to drive regional development

A NEW group of experienced community leaders has been given the responsibility of driving economic development across the region.

Seven community and industry leaders have been appointed to the Regional Development Australia Wide Bay Burnett (RDA WBB) committee.

They were chosen to represent the North and South Burnett, as well as Bundaberg, Fraser Coast and Gympie, North Burnett and South Burnett.

The new committee members are: Bill Trevor (chair), Daniel Poacher (deputy chair/treasurer), Georgie Somerset (secretary), Kerren Smith, Ed Gibson, Tanya O'Shea and Kristy Frahm.

"I'm really really pleased to have been appointed to the committee it's an organisation that I think aligns quite closely with the work that I am currently doing with BIEDO,” Ms Frahm said.

Ms Frahm, chief executive officer of BIEDO, sees there is huge value in an organisation like RDA in creating crucial linkages between federal programs that exist and hopes to become an advocate for those programs in the Burnett Inland.

"RDA I think is a really wonderful sounding board and I know organisations and businesses who access RDA support, just to leverage from some their knowledge but also to talk through some of their ideas for future development and I know of the great work that RDA do and I really see value in that and believe in that,” she said.

"I would love to encourage more people to access RDA services, not just for funding, they also provide access to things like the economic profiling and economic modelling tools free of charge for our communities.”

Ms Frahm believes that it is so important to drive economic development.

"That we continue to grow and develop and we see businesses everyday that are working really hard to grow what they are doing and with that comes enormous benefit for our region in terms of improved employment,” Ms Frahm said

"It can only be a good thing.”