JOIN THE CLUB: The Monto Pony Club is hosting its first rally of the year this Sunday.
JOIN THE CLUB: The Monto Pony Club is hosting its first rally of the year this Sunday.

Burnett Pony Club offers formal training for first time

THE Monto Pony Club has been gearing up for its first rally of the year.

The rally day kicks off the year on Sunday, February 2, at the Monto Showgrounds.

Instructor and club secretary and treasurer Linda Brown said the club was looking forward to the first rally.

“All of our old and returning members will be there,” she said.

“We’re also welcoming any new members.

“Hopefully we’ll get some good numbers for the year.”

Ms Brown said this year they would be offering their members the chance to work towards acquiring their D and C Efficiency Certificates.

“We’ve got a couple of kids who are interested,” she said.

“It involves them working towards doing a written and ridden assessment after they work through a manual and train with us.

“They’ll be learning about riding strides, their seat, parts of a horse, horse health, different rules and disciplines, how to look after their gear, presentation and grooming for competitions, and more.”

Every year the club focuses on implementing these lessons, although normally not in a formal way, and not with assessment.

“For the first time we’re going to have our kids work towards earning their certificate,” Ms Brown said.

“We also have a couple of kids who are working towards going to our Pony Club Qld state titles this year.

“They need to go to other competitions and qualify first.

“The amount depends on the discipline.”

The club meets once a month and offers training in showjumping, dressage, team penning, sporting (gymkhana), campdrafting, cross country, and more.

Ms Brown said there would be a camp in April, and non-members were welcome.

“We’re excited for what the year will bring,” she said.

“We welcome any age and level of riding ability into our pony club.

“It’s a social gathering for like-minded people for those who love their horses and want to have some fun with others.”