CHANGE OF RULES: Proposed law causes controversy.
CHANGE OF RULES: Proposed law causes controversy.

Burnett producer left disgruntled over new legislation

A SOUTH Burnett resident has thrown her weight behind an online campaign that opposes new legislation to come into effect next year.

Dalby Moto started a petition on after the federal government passed a new regulation that stated quad bike distributors would no longer be able to sell them without rollover protection from October 20, 2021.

Minister for Housing and Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar said, in his intial press release announcing the changes, the government aimed to improve the safety of quad bikes.

However, more than 15,000 people have signed the petition that goes against the new regulations.


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The information on the petition says incorrect statistics were used in the findings and there was no consultation with Australian’s living in rural regions.

Primary producer Toni Ralph said she signed the petition because the new legislation would cause more damage, not less.

“We have used a quad bike on our properties for over 15 years now,” Mrs Ralph said.

“With the greatest respect to all those who have lost loved ones due to quad bike incidents, I have yet to see where the machine itself was the cause of death.

“All of the cases that I have read about have been caused by operator error.

“I consider our quad bike to be one of the safest and most useful pieces of equipment we use,” she said.

Primary producer Toni Ralph roaming around her property on her quad bike. Photo: Contributed
Primary producer Toni Ralph roaming around her property on her quad bike. Photo: Contributed

“It is very stable, easy to mount and dismount because it doesn’t pull away like horses, or fall over like two wheelers.

“It immediately decelerates when your thumb comes off the control, it has safety steps, and park brakes.”

Mrs Ralph said these changes would greatly affect the farming industry.

“My opinion is that adding a rollover protective structure will make the bikes more awkward to manoeuvre, and less able to be used in treed and rough terrain.

“It will also cause more injury through people having a false sense of safety and finally mounting and dismounting will likely cause more rider injury as heads and limbs will come into contact with the ROPS on a regular basis.”

Minister Michael Sukkar’s office has been contacted for comment.