GO TEAM: Freeman Estates have had a very successful 2019 so far.
GO TEAM: Freeman Estates have had a very successful 2019 so far.

Burnett real estate booms with months of success

THE real estate market is booming in the South Burnett and Freeman Estates are seeing the benefits first hand.

According to residential and commercial salesman Chris Arnold, the Freeman's team have secured 151 sales since the start of the year.

"It's a brilliant result, and there's presently another 29 that are contacted, but just haven't been settled yet,” he said.

Mr Arnold said that with the great market prices, people are taking advantage of the South Burnett's location.

"It's a unique destination, being only a few hours away from both Brisbane and Toowoomba,” he said.

"People getting started in the housing market can move out here for better mortgage prices, which is a great bonus for people starting families.

"It also works for baby boomers, because they're often asset rich but cash poor when they live in the city. When living out here, because assets won't break the bank, they can spend their extra money on things like travelling.”

Mr Arnold said another reason for the great sales is because of the arrival of Bunnings.

"It's been a very positive start to the year because by Bunnings coming here, it's proof that the South Burnett has a future,” he said.

According to Mr Arnold, there has never been a better time to buy, because the market pricing is still extremely affordable.

"It's the perfect time to get started in the housing market, because even with the good results from the year, the prices aren't rising,” he said.