A customer has taken to social media to vent his frustrations about a removalist company.
A customer has taken to social media to vent his frustrations about a removalist company. Kevin Farmer

Business responds to customer's 'damaging' Facebook post

A NANANGO resident has taken to social media to blast a removalist company he believes ripped him off.

Ian Donald said he and his wife utilised the services of Wizard Removals to collect some furniture from Coolabunia, which they had purchased online.

"I had to go to Sydney for work so I suggested to my wife just ring a removalist company and get them to pick up the furniture,” he said.

The couple, who moved to Nanango from Victoria in Easter of last year to be closer to family, claim they were charged for 2.5 hours work when it should have only taken 1.5 hours.

"Let's say it takes them 20 minutes to Coolabunia, 30 minutes to load it up, 20 minutes to come back here and then it took them 15 minutes to unload. That's under 1.5 hours by my calculations,” he said.

Mr Donald said when his wife went to pay the removalists, they said it would be $287.50; claiming the job took 2.5 hours.

He took to a Facebook group to vent his frustrations after contacting the business directly, prompting other unhappy customers to come forward.

Administration officer for Wizard Removals, Vicky Sullivan said she thought it was unfair that unhappy customers would go to social media in an attempt to bring down their business.

"It is very damaging to small businesses,” she said.

"We support the local community and local events, and the money stays in the community.

"If we shut down, that will mean people will have to look outside the area and that'll mean the money leaves the region too.”

Owner of Wizard Removals, Darryl Ohlsen said the business had made it clear to the customer what was required to do the job.

"We give an hourly rate and we explained the truck had to go from depot to depot,” he said.

"It was over Christmas and the shop was shut, so the truck had to come from Runnymede (about 20 minutes from Nanango).

"I explained that to the customer.”

Ms Sullivan said they had done more than 300 removals and the majority of those have been happy customers.

"We are fair people, we are just a small local business trying to get by like everyone else,” she said.

"If someone has a concern they should come to us and if there is still no resolve they should go to the Department of Fair Trading.”