Silvio's at the Plaza is still open for take aways.
Silvio's at the Plaza is still open for take aways.

Businesses scramble to plan for the future

WITH no warning, business owners have been thrown into a whirlwind of forward planning to get them through the coming months.

On Sunday night, the Australian Government announced non-essential businesses would have to close their doors at noon the following day in an attempt to further stop the spread of COVID-19.

Non-essential being pubs, licensed clubs and hotels places of worship, gyms, indoor sporting venues, cinemas, casinos.

But what does this mean for the businesses?

For Paul Spinoglio, owner of Silvio’s Italiano and JBN cafe at Park Beach Plaza it’s caused devastating changes.

“I’ve had to put off 22 staff on Monday between two businesses,” Mr Spinoglio said.

“They’ve been people who have worked for me for 16 years, it’s a horrible thing for them personally and the feat it puts in their own circumstances.

A frightening and uncertain time for people, businesses have had to figure out what to do once doors shut on Monday to keep them afloat during the pandemic.

“I started delivering last week which was something I intended to do after Easter. I’m just scrambling to get it up and running so we have something we can move forward with.

The hardship doesn’t come from only having to lay staff off, it’s also in sorting out what to do with fridges and freezes full of stock, bars full of alcohol that can’t be sold.

“It’s a lot to react to in the space of an announcement at 9pm and by midday the next day. It’s very challenging.

When the announcement was made, Mr Spinoglio started planning immediately while answering calls from staff asking about the future of their jobs.

“It’s hospitality now but I dare say more is coming. Pubs and clubs are just first off the rank because of social distancing issues but if people ignore them and the spike continues, there will be extra measures and more and more social gathering areas will be shut down.”

Silvilo’s Italian will be open seven days a week doing lunch and dinner deliveries.