OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS: The Coast's first brothel, Scarlet Harem at Kunda Park, is up for sale.
OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS: The Coast's first brothel, Scarlet Harem at Kunda Park, is up for sale. John McCutcheon

Buy your own brothel: Scarlet Harem for sale

THE Sunshine Coast's first legal brothel is up for sale in what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for buyers.

The Scarlet Harem premises at 14 Avian St, Kunda Park, have been listed with Cleeton Property Group for auction on December 1.

The brothel, which was named best brothel in Australia last year, is being sold completely fitted out with beds, security cameras and even a one-way mirror.

But the brothel has been closed since May and before it can re-open, the new owner or lessee will have to obtain a licence.

Brothel madam Paris Satine voluntarily surrendered the licence to the Prostitute Licensing Authority earlier this year.

Karen Cleeton, who is marketing the property with her husband, Huan, said the vendor had serious back problems which had forced her to reluctantly part with the brothel.

"It's a bit of a sad farewell for her. She had to have a major operation on her back. She either has to give it up or face the fact she might spend the rest of her days in a wheelchair," Mrs Cleeton said.

Mrs Cleeton said there had already been strong interest in the brothel since it was listed less than a week ago.

"We'll probably have two offers coming in next week. One is an investor and he wants to rent it out and the other, he's run brothels before and he wants to buy the whole shebang."


Paris Satine - licensee of the Scarlet Harem, renamed after a legal challenge by Moulin Rouge in France 03/10/03.Photo Chris McCormack / Sunshine Coast Daily
Brothel madam Paris Satine is parting with Scarlet Harem for the sake of her health. Chris McCormack

The brothel comes complete with five working rooms, five induction rooms, a reception area, sauna, two industrial laundries, a staff leisure room, kitchen and dressing room.

The brothel originally opened in 2002 as Moulin Rouge but was later renamed Scarlet Harem after the Moulin Rouge in Paris objected to the use of the name.

It underwent a refit in 2010 which included theming of rooms, such as Parisian Bourdeaux, paradise jungle, geisha's hothouse and Playboy mansion.

Mrs Cleeton said the brothel was "a bit raunchy but it's actually a very well put together business" in an ideal location.

"Where it is, it's very discreet. There's bush at the back and a few other businesses but it's very discreet," she said.

Comparable properties are difficult to find but Mrs Cleeton said a similar-sized industrial shed in the area would be worth about $700,000 and she estimated the fit-out alone to be worth $300,000.

She said the new owner would be able to apply for a licence from the PLA at a cost of about $35,000.

The sale of the premises means a rare opportunity for Coast residents to take a peak inside the brothel.

It will be open for inspection this Saturday from 1-1.45pm and on other Saturdays to be advised. Between now and auction day though private inspections are possible for genuine buyers.

Mrs Cleeton said she and her husband would take groups through in "tours" if there were large numbers.

"Sign your name in and we'll take you through. It might be the only chance you get to have a look inside a brothel."

Mrs Cleeton said a brothel was a unique listing for herself and her husband but they were treating it the same as any other property they would market on behalf of a vendor.

"For us, we're just selling a building, no different to any other industrial shed, just a bit more interesting inside," she said.