'BALANCED BUDGET': Cherbourg Mayor Arnold Murray with the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council 2019-2020 Budget.
'BALANCED BUDGET': Cherbourg Mayor Arnold Murray with the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council 2019-2020 Budget. Matt Collins

FULL BREAKDOWN: Cherbourg budget shows town 'getting strong'

THIS year's Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council budget will take "the community forward in the right way".

Council staff said the $22.64 million budget was a viable one that set the community up for the future.

Council corporate services manager Chatur Zala said the focus was on sustainable infrastructure.

"It is the key to any community to moving forward," Mr Zala said.

"We are going forward now.

"We are getting strong, we are getting sustainable in a conservative approach, just taking the community forward in the right way.

"It was a balanced budget so there is no deficit."


'We are getting strong and sustainable': Cherbourg Mayor, Arnold Murray with Corporate Services Manager, Chatur Zala.
'WE ARE GETTING STRONG AND SUSTAINABLE': Cherbourg Mayor Arnold Murray with corporate services manager Chatur Zala. Matt Collins

Significant inclusions in the budget include $1.5 million which will go towards the footpath from Cherbourg to Murgon, and close to $1 million for the Cherbourg Material Recovery Facility.

"That was the main focus of our budget this year," Mr Zala said.

Furthermore, funds were allocated in the budget for all Cherbourg households to receive a free recycling bag.

The bag will be used to collect their recyclable bottles so residents can take them to the Cherbourg Material Recovery Facility for a Containers for Change refund.

Council believes this year's budget is a continuation of the solid growth Cherbourg has experienced since 2011.

According to Mr Zala, before this time, Cherbourg's finances were not in a good position.

"It was a weak budget," Mr Zala said.

"Our journey from 2011 to 2019 is just amazing for the indigenous community."

The budget was formally adopted on July 4.

Council staff said it was important the budget prepared for the long-term needs of the town.

"We have to look at what is critical to the community," Mr Zala said.

"It's all about small steps, moving forward year by year.

"It's not about having all the infrastructure in one year, even though we would love to have it."

Looking forward to the next financial year, Cherbourg Mayor Arnold Murray said council had set its sights on big community projects.

"I would like to see a water park and a supermarket," Cr Murray said.

Council is confident in being able to deliver.

"We delivered on our budget last year, it was almost 98 per cent accurate," Mr Zala.

"They are next in line at the moment."

The following is a snapshot of some of the programs and operational areas that will be funded in the 2019-20 budget.

Council's Capital Works for 2019/2020:

DILGP Rehabilitation of Ponds: $100,000 

Cherbourg Material Recovery Facility Upgrade Stage 4: $999,297 

Department of Industry, Innovation and Science Safer Communities Fund Round 3: $987,000 

Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Murgon to Cherbourg Footpath: $1,500,000 

Cherbourg Rising Main: $1,037,500 

Cherbourg Solid Waste: $1,082,000 

Cherbourg Waste Water: $ 465,000 

Works For Queensland - Round 3 projects (W4Q3)

$95,000 provided for Historical Precinct Upgrade

$75,000 provided for Cherbourg Town Pathway Extension

$150,000 provided for Sports Centre Upgrade

$249,000 provided for Roads and Kerbing

$18,000 provided for Cherbourg Memorial Park Upgrade

$80,000 provided for Cherbourg Radio Station Upgrade

$95,000 provided for Security Fencing and Public Waste Bins

$35,000 provided for Job Active Hub Structural Upgrade

$85,000 provided for Demolition Project

$28,000 provided for Lighting Replacement

$50,000 provided for Large Shed Ventilation and Insulation Projects

$25,000 provided for Converting Small Park to Sports Field

$100,000 provided for Roadway Fencing

$35,000 provided for Cherbourg Town Entrance Beautification

$80,000 provided for Sewerage Pump Well Infrastructure

Building and Construction

During the coming 12 months, the council will be contracting to the Department of Housing and Public works for New Housing Builds: $2.35 million 

Existing Houses Major Upgrades: $1.35 million 

Responsive maintenance to Houses: $3.5 million

Roads and Civil Construction

$199,243 has been approved under the Roads to Recovery Program.

$43,543 has been approved under the TIDS program.