Nissan Murano explodes in family's garage

Call to recall SUVs after Nissan explodes and destroys home

A QUEENSLAND family say Nissan needs to recall their troubled SUVs after their car spontaneously exploded into flames in their garage and destroyed their home in minutes.

Morayfield mum of two Tanya Oliver plucked her young children from her Nissan Murano and sheltered with neighbours after the car exploded and destroyed their home on Friday.

She said she parked the car in the garage in their home shortly after 9am and turned it off but smelt electrical smoke.

She checked a nearby fridge but when she turned back to the car there was vapour coming from it.

She frantically grabbed her children Yvette, 5, and Kai, 6, from the back seats where they were locked inside by the car's child lock and ran from the house.

As she called the fire brigade two explosions rocked the garage before fire took hold of gas lines.

Four fire trucks could do little to save the house, with engineers to decide now whether it can be salvaged or, more likely, needs to be knocked down.

Mrs Oliver said the forensic fire investigator told her the Nissan Murano TI 2011 started the fire and similar vehicles overseas have been recalled.

Tanya Oliver stands next to her Nissan Murano in the remains of her gutted home after the SUV caught fire in her garage. Picture: Mark Calleja/AAP
Tanya Oliver stands next to her Nissan Murano in the remains of her gutted home after the SUV caught fire in her garage. Picture: Mark Calleja/AAP

She said the international car company needed to do the same in Australia before a tragedy occurred.

In a direct message to Nissan, Mrs Oliver said the "Nissan Murano TI 2011 model exploded in my garage on Friday morning, creating a fire that ripped through my house and left my family devastated.

"We have absolutely nothing left. Thankfully, I acted quickly and evacuated my two kids, aged 5 and 6, the instant I smelt smoke.

"The car was stationary, with the engine off. It took 7 minutes for the car to explode, from the first sign of smoke.

"The fire forensic investigator has identified the cause of the fire as a known issue of Nissan Muranos. (Case file number and contact details can be supplied at request).

"Nissan must take responsibility for this and recall ALL Murano Ti 2011 as per America who are acknowledging this issue.

"I feel sick that this could happen to another unsuspecting family.

"I will be taking this further.

"Nissan, you are 100% liable for this. All of it."

Mrs Oliver and her husband Joel are now looking for a rental property for the family and have been told not to take their children to the gutted home because it would be too disturbing.

Nissan said the fire was "a complex incident" and was waiting on the fire investigation before commenting.

"We are relieved that Ms Oliver and her family are safe. We will seek to work with the local fire and other authorities to investigate the details of this complex incident. Once their investigations are complete, we will be able to comment further," the company said in a statement.