Paul Tully mayoral election sign at Dinmore.
Paul Tully mayoral election sign at Dinmore. Rob Williams

Candidate tight-lipped on who paid for billboard signs

THE Ipswich election is just days away but not all candidates have declared their donations.

Acting Mayor Paul Tully has three billboards promoting his tilt at the top job; one at Dinmore, one along the Ipswich Motorway near Inala and one on Queen St at Goodna.

The billboard at Goodna, owned by Michael Falvey, has been declared at a value of $3300 as a gift in kind.

The QT understands it costs about $20,000 to rent each of the Bishop billboards for a month with costs up to $10,000 to create the artwork for the sign on top of that.

Two weeks ago, the QT asked Cr Tully who had funded the billboards, about 10 days after the one along the Ipswich Mwy was erected.

As of yesterday afternoon, no declarations had been made regarding the two, more expensive billboards.

Cr Tully said all his gifts and donations were being declared according to the new legislation which kicked in mid-July.

Cr Tully confirmed the two professional billboards had not been supplied by the sign company Bishop.


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He said the funding would be disclosed to the Electoral Commission Queensland and was being organised by his campaign committee.

When asked when those declarations would be made, Cr Tully said the "next few days".

Cr Antoniolli also has no billboards, but he does have two large campaign signs around the city; one above Walkers Real Estate in Ipswich and the other along Fernvale Rd, Brassall.

Cr Antoniolli said those had been paid for out of the pool of campaign donations via his official campaign bank account.


Andrew Antoniolli sign on Walkers Real Estate at the Ipswich Fiveways.
Andrew Antoniolli sign on Walkers Real Estate at the Ipswich Fiveways. Rob Williams