Is this town
Is this town "an anarchic enclave is inhabited by feral packs of cannibalistic, anti-vaxxer, chemtrail conspiracy theorist, mountain hippies?" By ErikvanWees Wikimedia Commons

'Cannibalistic, anti-vaxxer, chemtrail conspiracy theorists'

FACEBOOK group Shit Towns of Australia (SToA) has again thrown their satirical wit in the direction of a Northern Rivers town - this time, Nimbin benefits from their review.

The Facebook site, with almost 28,000 likes, takes aim at towns around Australia, offering a comical opinion that often strikes close to the bone.

In September, their wicked pens struck at the heart of Northern Rivers - the jewel in the crown, Byron Bay.

SToA labelled the beachside town a "wankeropolis" and drew hundreds of comments, most laughing in agreement.

But what about Nimbin? Will locals shake off the satire and take the joke as it was intended?

In just two hours, 346 people have liked the page and 116 people have commented.

Here's what SToA had to say about Nimbin:

"If you're venturing through northern New South Wales and see a sign welcoming you to Nimbin, run for the surrounding hills.

"The anarchic enclave is inhabited by feral packs of cannibalistic, anti-vaxxer, chemtrail conspiracy theorist, mountain hippies, to whom local law enforcers have long since conceded defeat.

"You can identify these dangerous creatures by their retina-burning tie-dye shirts, knee-length dreadlocks and made-in-China Tibetan hats.

"Do not engage with the Nimbinese, do not share their weed, and whatever you do, do not purchase their tacky T-shirts or home-crocheted bong cosies - this will only encourage them to peddle more pointless crap and discourage them from having a shower and getting a job.

"The permanently-stoned citizens of the country's cannabis capital can seem initially charming, but things will quickly take a sinister turn if you get too close to a Nimrod - it's all too common for naive tourists to wander into an innocent-looking drum circle only to find some waster with the munchies munching on their leg. Remember, if bitten by a Nimbinian, you too will become a Nimbinian and will soon be overwhelmed by an insatiable lust for human flesh and an irrational urge to play with devil sticks.

"The most perilous times to visit town are during the annual Nimbin MardiGrass festival, when droves of drug-f---ed hippies descend from their mountain hideaways or gluten-free Byron Bay cafes to smoke inhuman amounts of weed in public, or during the Nimbin Roots Fest, which is the same thing but with music.

"If you must Visit Nimbin during these times or any other, be sure to carry a can of hippie repellent, also known as deodorant.

"Nimbin: Not Even Once."

Bit harsh don't you think?

One local on Nimbin Hookups Facebook page called it "crap", and another said: "Satire at its best, 10/10".

SToA Facebook readers found the humour, though one commenter said: "Since when did SToA stop being a humour page and start being a factual travel guide?". OUCH!

So readers, what do you think?

Let's stand up for Nimbin - if Byron Bay is the jewel of the Northern Rivers, Nimbin surely is the rainbow.