Carpool lanes axed on Gold Coast route to free up traffic

CARPOOL lanes have been torn up by the Queensland Government, spending $2.5.million to open up the stretch from six to eight lanes of the Pacific Motorway that leads into Brisbane from the south.

It is a key route for Gold Coast workers who travel to Brisbane for work.

The lanes were created by the former government in an effort to encourage commuters to carpool, which would give them access to "T2" lanes, allowing them to bypass bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Fines were issued for those who entered the lanes with just a single person in the car.

It took the government 13 weeks after first removing restrictions and signs before the April Easter break.

Brisbane Member for Stretton Freya Ostapovitch said the lanes were put in place 10 years ago to encourage carpooling, but the plan had failed.

"Unfortunately carpooling just didn't work and left motorists frustrated as they would sit in a congested lane while the T2 lane was left under capacity," she said.