Ben West pulling trolleys from the Richmond River at Casino.
Ben West pulling trolleys from the Richmond River at Casino. Susanna Freymark

Casino man pulls shopping trolleys from river in spare time

ON SUNDAY morning, Ben West was thigh high in the cold waters of Richmond River trying to pry a shopping trolley from the mud.

He used a crowbar and muscle power. But the trolley wouldn't budge.

"I'm going to need help with that one," he said before heading to the next trolley challenge.


He plucks trolleys from the river and piles them up like a modern sculpture on the riverbank.

The supermarkets who own the trolleys are contacted and come and collect them.

"The trolleys in the water make the landscape unsafe for kids," Mr West said.

Mr West would like to see supermarkets install the magnetic lock system to stop trolleys ending up in the river.

Mr West works at Casino's Indoor Sports Stadium and has started the Casino Sport and Recreation Association where volunteers come and help him hoist the trolleys form Richmond River.

He thinks nothing of spending his spare time cleaning up the waterway and picks up rubbish on his walks to and fro from the river.

  • If you'd like to help Mr West call 0428 624 500 or join the association for $2 membership.