Catnap proves costly after boozy night

A Christmas catnap was a costly lesson for a Townsville man who learned the hard way that snoozing in the front seat after a boozy night is against the law.

Wade Lee Stanfield faced the Townsville Magistrates Court unrepresented on Thursday where he pleaded guilty to being in charge of a motor vehicle, tram, train or vessel under the influence of liquor.

Police prosecutor Acting Sergeant Tim Madsen said Mr Stanfield had been sleeping in the driver's seat of a car on a road in Kirwan about 3am on Christmas Day.

Sergeant Madsen said officers found the car running with the headlights on and windows fogged up.

When breath tested, Mr Stanfield returned a result of 0.157 per cent. Mr Stanfield said he worked 13-hour days for two weeks without a day off over the Christmas period and made the mistake of sleeping in the vehicle.

"It is unfortunate," Sergeant Madsen said. "He probably did not realise that he could not sleep in his car while over the limit."

The court was told Mr Stanfield had been without his licence for about two weeks and had no entries in his traffic history for five years.

Acting Magistrate Peter Smid said he thought the offending was aggravated because it took place on Christmas Day.

Mr Stanfield was fined $1200 and disqualified from driving for eight months.

Originally published as Catnap proves costly after boozy night