Charlie, the fluffiest dog at the Blackbutt Show.
Charlie, the fluffiest dog at the Blackbutt Show. Madeline Grace

Celebrity Dulux pooch stars at the Blackbutt Show

BLACKBUTT welcomed a celebrity when one of the iconic fluffy dogs, made famous in Australia by Dulux paint ads, entered the dog show at the weekend.

Although there were many entrants in the Blackbutt Show Dog Show, Dulux celebrity Charlie stood out from the crowd.

Charlie is a six-month-old old English sheepdog, who is already nearly 50cm tall, and weighs 25kg.

The young pooch starred in a Dulux TV ad when he was just five weeks old, along with the other sheepdog puppies in his litter.

Owners Wayne and Tracey Weight travelled all the way from Bribie Island to show their two sheepdogs at this year's Blackbutt Show.

Their other dog is Vision, an 18-month-old that's only slightly larger than Charlie.

BLACKBUTT SHOW; Wayne Weight with Vision and Charlie at the Dog Show.
Wayne Weight with Vision and Charlie. Madeline Grace

Their dogs were the only entrants in their breed at the Blackbutt Show and Mrs Weight said although they were a popular breed, they were also quite rare.

"They're a beautiful dog and people just love them,” she said.

"I mean look at them, they're so large and fluffy. But, they're also very soft and gentle.

"They're just like big fluffy clouds.”

Mrs Weight said the pooches could be quite high maintenance.

"It's because of their coat,” she said.

"They don't get overly hot because they are actually quite well insulated. They deal with the heat just as well as any dog breed.

"But they have to be washed and groomed regularly otherwise they become quite matted.

"But they have the most lovely temperament. They are such gentle giants. We just love ours so much.”

Mr Weight said it was uncommon for them to take their dogs out and not be approached by strangers.

"They are just one of those breeds where you've always got people coming up to you and asking if they can say hello,” he said.

"Luckily they just love the attention. They are also great with kids.”

Mrs Weight said Charlie and Vision had been performing well in shows this year.

"We've been to a lot of them, nearly every weekend, and they always win something,” she said.

"We also just really enjoy dog showing. We always have a lovely time.

"We've been coming to Blackbutt Show for a while now.”

The couple said they loved the Blackbutt event and planned on returning next year.