An image of Luke Moore from Facebook in January 2015.
An image of Luke Moore from Facebook in January 2015.

Centrelink recipient withdraws $2.1mil from bank, walks free

IT'S the stuff dreams are made of.

Centrelink recipient Luke Moore of Goulburn probably couldn't believe his luck when he discovered St George Bank had extended him an unlimited line of credit. 

And once he did realise the then 23-year-old went on a spending spree to rival all others. 

Between June 2010 and August 2012 he racked up debts totaling $2.1 million. 

When police raided Moore's home in December 2012 they found pictures signed by  Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Guns N' Roses, Foo Fighters and Usher alongside a frisbee signed by Amy Whitehouse and a picture signed by the presenters of Top Gear.

There were also the keys to an Aston Martin DB7 Vantage coupe, a 2001 Maserati sedan, a 2012 Hyundai sedan, a 2006 Alfa Romeo 156 and a 6.1 metre boat.

He also had a tidy $773,000 tucked away in an account he'd opened with another bank. 

And if you're thinking this story ends with Mr Moore sitting in a cell, it's worth letting you know that six hours ago he posted: "NOT GUILTY" on his Facebook.

"The account was styled, not inaptly, a "Complete Freedom" account," Justice Mark Leeming mused in a written judgment on Moore's case which was handed down by the Supreme Court of Appeal today. 

However Justice Leeming and two of his colleagues agreed: "The charge (against Moore) was one of obtaining a financial advantage by deception."

And: "There was no deception in the behaviour of Mr Moore."

Because the contract between Moore and the bank enabled him to rack up the massive overdraft he had not technically broken the law - although the court noted he had no viable means of ever repaying the debt.

This meant a finding of guilty from the Supreme Court in February 2015 was overturned, along with an earlier two year prison sentence. 

Moore had not been in jail for the entire time - although he was earlier sentenced to two years prison - he had been out on bail since September 2015. 

The money and the toys have since been recovered by the bank. 

When asked what was next, via Facebook this evening,  Mr Moore said: "Finishing my law degree and getting a job is my goal for right now mate thanks."

He is studying a Bachelor of Law through Charles Sturt University.