CHAMBER UPDATES: Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Rob Fitz-Herbert addresses the small business crowd.
CHAMBER UPDATES: Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Rob Fitz-Herbert addresses the small business crowd. Matt Collins

Chamber president sends strong message to council

CHAMBER of Commerce president for Kingaroy, Rob Fitz-Herbert, sent a strong message to local councillors at this week's Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting.

Mr Fitz-Herbert addressed the capacity crowd at the newly refurbished Club Hotel in Alford St, Kingaroy and had some strong words for councillors in regards to recent communication with residents.

"There wasn't sufficient notice of a rates increase, this has to be communicated well ahead of the notice,” he said.

"Improved communication with residents will allow them to adequately prepare for financial impact on their businesses,” he said.

"Perhaps the listening tours could be conducted before the rates notices as well as after.”

Mr Fitz-Herbert went on to acknowledge South Burnett Regional Council CEO Mark Pitt for his support of those experiencing financial hardship due to recent changes to rates.

"Mark has opened the line of communication for anyone experiencing financial hardship and he has invited them to email him directly,” he said.

Mr Fitz-Herbert went on to advise the Kingaroy small business crowd of current projects the chamber is involved in including a submission for a new Telstra tower in conjunction with David Littleproud.

"We have put in a joint submission with Jandowae Chamber of Commerce lobbying for a Telstra tower between Dalby and Kingaroy as part of the Coopers Gap project,” he said.

"David contacted us and said he has had a meeting with Telstra and hopefully we will have a successful outcome in the coming months.”

The chamber president went on to mention the town revitalisation project for Kingaroy and said a report was due shortly from consultations.

"That report needs to be adopted by council and then a plan of action devised from there,” he said.

"We are aware that there is $2 million of borrowings in the two forward budgets.”

Mr Fitz-Herbert said the position from the Chamber of Commerce is that council works towards an announcement of some works in our region.

"We will be talking with council and hope to see some movement in the new year.”

Councillor Danita Potter was acknowledged for her work in creating the young professionals group.

"It's a great initiative,” Mr Fitz-Herbert said.

Other speakers on the night included general manager at the South Burnett Times Daniel Pelcl who reminded attendees the annual town proud promotion was soon approaching.

Kingaroy police sergeant David Tierney spoke about police updates including the upcoming installation of CCTV cameras throughout the town.

"CCTV is a huge plus for us, if something happened we can get there and calm things down before it gets out of hand,” he said.

"It has been a great assistance in other towns.”

But the biggest applause of the night was saved for the hosts, Jason and Sue Kinsella, who shared their exciting plans for the Club Hotel.

Mr Kinsella acknowledged his hard-working family for the success of their Moffatdale Ridge Winery and the Club Hotel.

"We simply couldn't do it without the great family I have around me,” Mr Kinsella said.

"My wife does the hard work, I am simply here to bring in all the chicks,” he joked.