FLU VACCINE: Chemist, Barry Lonsdale from Kingaroy's Discount Drug Store.
FLU VACCINE: Chemist, Barry Lonsdale from Kingaroy's Discount Drug Store. Matt Collins

Chemists prepare for peak flu season

AS WE enter the peak flu season, more and more residents are getting the flu shot to prevent the effects of illness.

This demand has meant a shortage of the flu vaccine right across the country.

South Burnett chemist, Barry Lonsdale said it was great the public were understanding the importance of getting vaccinated.

But that increase in demand meant it was a challenge to plan for adequate stocks of the vaccine.

"We have had a massive uptake and the demand has been massive this year," he said.

"Much bigger demand than last year and the year before.

"We have done pretty well but we are getting low."

The peak of influenza is usually between the months of June to September, a time of year Mr Lonsdale knows too well.

"It always happens this time of year," he said.

The Drug Discount Store franchise owner was confident he would not run out of supplies and is expecting more stock next week.

South Burnett residents can get their flu vaccination from a chemist or their GP.

It is particularly important for people who are at higher risk of getting the flu.

Such as over 65s, pregnant women and those with a chronic illness, such as asthma or some sort of lung condition.

Mr Lonsdale encouraged the older population to see their regular doctor.

"People over 65 can get it done with their GP under the National Immunisation Program," he said.

Those who interact with lots of people in their work are also encouraged to have the flu shot.

"Anyone who is in the front line. Teachers, nurses, health workers," Mr Lonsdale said.

"We get all our staff done."