Cherbourg Mayor Arnold Murray.
Cherbourg Mayor Arnold Murray. Michael Nolan

Cherbourg council hands down budget

CHERBOURG Aboriginal Shire Council adopted its 2017-18 budget late last month and in a statement the council said it was the biggest the community had seen in seven years.

The $16million budget has a focus on housing and infrastructure.

The increase in the budget is due to the Works for Queensland funding as well as extra funding from the State Government for the recycling facility upgrade.

About $6million has been set aside to allow for the building of 10 new houses in the community and to upgrade and maintain the current houses.

The Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council will host several free digital workshops between August 21 and 25 at the Winifred Fisher IKC.

Learn how to use computers, mobile phones, iPads and digital cameras.

For more information phone the council on 41681866.