DO NOT KNOCK: Cherbourg residents send message to scammers.
DO NOT KNOCK: Cherbourg residents send message to scammers. Crystal Spencer

Cherbourg sends strong message to scammers

SCAMMERS are not welcome in Cherbourg.

This is the message from residents who have new Do Not Knock stickers front and centre, with sales people who ignore them to face massive fines.

Cherbourg is the sixth Do Not Knock informed community, joining Yarrabah, Woorabinda and Palm Island, Hope Vale and Wujal Wujal.

Fair Trading Acting Executive Director Craig Turner welcomed the joint initiative by the Office of Fair Trading, the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

"Since the initiative commenced in Wujal Wujal three years ago, numerous unwelcome door-to-door traders have been turned away from participating communities and this is proof the program is working,” he said.

"Hope Vale joined the Do Not Knock informed initiative in 2017 and the community's Opportunity Hub has become a referral point for consumer-related issues to the OFT.”

The initiative involves signage placed at the entry to the community reminding traders they must not approach residences with do-not-knock notices.

"Companies now realise that if they are convicted of breaches of the Australian Consumer Law they face hefty fines of up to $10 million, and individual operators face fines up to $500, 000,” he said.

Residents were encouraged to collect a free Do Not Knock sticker and attach it to their letter box or front door.

"Even if you don't have this sticker, you still have rights. Whether you have a sticker or not, if you ask them to leave, they must go straight away,” Mr Turner said.

Mr Turner urged community residents to follow the OFT's social media accounts and post a message if any salespeople were sighted doing the wrong thing.

"When Queenslanders let us know about itinerant traders in their area, we'll put a message on our Facebook page and send an alert to local media so they can warn others to be on the look-out and not fall victim to any scam,” he said.

"If offenders refuse to leave call the police, or if you think they are trying to rip you off, please let the OFT know.”