IN COURT: A Cherbourg teen faced court after yelling at officers and damaging a police car.
IN COURT: A Cherbourg teen faced court after yelling at officers and damaging a police car. File

Woman 'showed no remorse' for abusing police

AN 18-YEAR-OLD woman has been warned she will find herself "deep in the criminal justice system" if she repeats her abusive behaviour towards police officers.

"I understand you may not like police, that is a matter for you, but they are there and doing their jobs lawfully," Magistrate Louisa Pink said in Murgon Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

"If you obstruct them and act in this way all you will do is get yourself deeper and deeper in the criminal justice system."

Jenai Purcell was part of a group of people who ran away from police on Marshall Rd, Cherbourg at 4.15am on July 6.

When police returned to their marked car Purcell walked towards the car and banged her fists on the bonnet, causing a dent.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said Purcell then yelled words to the affect of "I don't give a f--- if you are the police" and was abusive towards officers before she was restrained.

Snr Sgt Stevens said her poor behaviour towards officers continued when police attended her home to issue a notice to appear.

Purcell went to her bedroom, closed the door and displayed aggressive behaviour through the door.

Snr Sgt Stevens said Purcell showed no remorse for her actions when she spoke to police the next day, telling them she disliked police, didn't want to talk to them and could do whatever she wanted.

Defence lawyer Mark Oliver recognised it was not a good reaction to police but asked Ms Pink to consider Purcell's youth and that it was her first time in court.

Ms Pink praised Purcell for her aspirations to pursue tertiary studies after completing her certificate one in business.

She was fined $250 for damaging the police car, $100 for obstructing police and not further punished for public nuisance.

No convictions were recorded.

"When you hopefully achieve what you want to achieve you will have no criminal history to disclose," Ms Pink said.