Domestic violence silhouette generic image - fist raised against woman./Violence
Domestic violence silhouette generic image - fist raised against woman./Violence

Children charged over girl’s bashing

TWO children are alleged to be involved in the schoolyard bashing of a 12-year-old Nanango State High School student.

Jacklyn Tennant suffered multiple injuries to her body and was flown to Brisbane Children’s Hospital.

She was attacked moments after she got off the schoolbus last week.

Queensland Police confirmed two juveniles believed to be involved in the November 26 incident had been charged.

Media and public affairs officer Sergeant Lisa Byrne said Kingaroy Police have also had discussions with the pair.

“On Thursday, December 5, detectives from the Kingaroy Child Protection and Investigation Unit dealt with two juvenile offenders in relation to an assault which took place at a Nanango school on November 26,” she said.

The two children were both charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and have been dealt with by the provisions of the Youth Justice Act.

Jacklyn’s mother, Dehanne Tennant, said she hoped the alleged perpetrators, if convicted, would not get off lightly for what was done to her daughter.

She was not interested in an apology for the alleged attack on her daughter.

“I don’t want to hear from them at all,” Ms Tennant said.

“I think they harassed her enough.

“People in the community tell me they should be locked up.

“They need something, they need some sort of help.”

Ms Tennant thanked the police.

“We are very grateful to the police for their support, they called me straight away,” she said.