Want to buy the new album from Australia's Iggy Azalea? Expect to pay 45% more than Americans.
Want to buy the new album from Australia's Iggy Azalea? Expect to pay 45% more than Americans.

Choice: Want to stop piracy? Stop gouging us

IF THE Abbott Government wants Australians to stop pirating movies and music, consumer group Choice recommends they force conglomerates to stop charging us so much.

A leaked copy of the government's Online Copyright Infringement discussion paper published by Crikey showed plans to force service providers to stop illegal downloading by their customers and block websites hosting pirated material.

Choice campaigns manager Erin Turner said the government was still failing to tackle how Australian customers were paying 50% more than in other countries.

She said Adelaide-born Sia's new album is 82% more expensive to buy Australian iTunes compared to the US store.

Iggy Azalea's album would cost you 45% more.

And for those Aussies who want to check out Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine, they are going to cop a 42% hike.

Ms Turner said this issue was hammered out last year through the IT Pricing Inquiry.

"Australians commonly pay around 50% more for software and other digital products like games and music. The IT Pricing Inquiry provided a bipartisan blueprint for reforms to address this price discrimination."

"If the leaks are correct, the Government's leaked anti-piracy discussion paper has missed the opportunity to deal with this problem-in fact, the paper explicitly says the Government does not want to receive comment on Australia tax issues."

She said while piracy is an issue needing action, "piracy is in part driven by poor access and high prices of content, which are out of sync with other markets".

"We are not suggesting that better access and more competitive prices are silver bullets that will solve this issue entirely," she said.

"However they are important factors which deserve real consideration - not just a tokenistic mention in a preamble."

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