Chow down! State MPs get extra $105 a day for meals

QUEENSLAND MPs will be able to claim an extra $105 a day to cover the cost of meals while at State Parliament under the latest determination released by the Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal.

Last month the tribunal granted MPs an 8.5% pay rise, taking a backbenchers base pay to $148,848.

It also scrapped more than 30 allowances under the old system, which were widely used as "salary top-ups" by MPs and streamlined allowances into three distinct categories.

In its second determination released late on Thursday the tribunal found the motor vehicle allowance should remain unchanged, but increased the daily travel allowance of all state MPs irrespective of the size of their electorates.

Instead of $305 a day when visiting capital cities in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, MPs will now receive a payment of $315 to cover food and other expenses.

The allowance for visiting regional towns will rise from $240 to $270 a day and the overseas daily travel allowance of $333 remains the same.

All payments are in addition to the general travel allowance of between $18,360 and $61,720 afforded all MPs to cover the costs of commuting from their respective electorate offices to State Parliament in Brisbane.