Dawson MP George Christensen met with bosses of Adani over Opposition Leader's comments.
Dawson MP George Christensen met with bosses of Adani over Opposition Leader's comments. David Foote

Christensen holds crisis meeting with Adani

FEDERAL MP George Christensen has met with the head of Adani in Australia today after more political attacks on the Carmichael project.

Mr Christensen requested the urgent meeting with Adani's general manager corporate affairs Raj Guruswamy just days after Federal Opposition leader Bill Shorten said he did not support the project.

"Raj has expressed to me his company's concerns about the impact of these ongoing political attacks on their project," Mr Christensen said.

"We expect these attacks from the extreme green movement but now they're coming from the Labor Party.

"Every time Bill Shorten comes out and says something negative about the Adani project, it sends shudders through this community."

He said it also knocks investor confidence in the project.

"The brutal reality is that companies will be less likely to look to Australia for any projects," he said.

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"This is putting real jobs at risk; they're real jobs, not 'fake jobs' as Bill Shorten says they are.

"Many of my constituents are employed already because of Adani. Some are in Townsville, some are at Abbot Point, and some are contracted or waiting for contracts to start."

Mr Christensen's comments echo those made by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this morning.

Mr Turnbull said Bill Shorten's approach to business would have a 'shocking, chilling effect' on jobs and investment.

"What Bill Shorten is doing is not just threatening that project, he is threatening every other project," Mr Turnbull said

"And he is threatening future projects because what he is saying is that he is prepared to cancel a project, to do as he promised to Geoff Cousins, to overthrow a project for which hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars have been committed already."

Mr Christensen requested the urgent meeting just two weeks after his previous meeting in Brisbane with Adani Mining chief executive officer Jeyakumar Janakaraj.

Adani has been contact about the meeting with the Dawson MP.