Dawson MP George Christensen.
Dawson MP George Christensen. MICK TSIKAS

Christensen: 'Legalise marijuana but the s**t ends there'

GEORGE Christensen has thrown his support behind controversial Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, but clarified he doesn't "want an elected official in Australia to run around shooting people".

The Member for Dawson and the chief Nationals Whip took to his Facebook page, responding to an article about Duterte personally killing criminals while he was mayor of a Filipino city.

"A leader who personally sees off drug dealers? And the problem is?" Mr Christensen wrote on Thursday.

Duterte is running a drug crackdown in the Phillipines, in which extra judicial killings are reportedly rife.

Responses to Mr Christensen's statement were mixed.

Adam Frost asked: "Are we going to start with bottle shop workers? Or just the drugs that dead politicians arbitrarily decided to be evil?".

Tim Andrews wrote: "Conservatives support the rule of law. It is a fundamental principle of Western civilisation. Shooting random people in the streets without trial is the exact, literal opposite of this".

Dawson MP George Christensen's take on Filipino Rodrigo Duterte and his controversial (and reportedly deadly) war on drugs.
Dawson MP George Christensen's take on Filipino Rodrigo Duterte and his controversial (and reportedly deadly) war on drugs. Facebook/George Christensen

However, other posters agreed with Mr Christensen, and Duterte's stance on drugs in the Phillipines.

Steve Prior said: "Should be more of it. There's plenty of honest lives worth more than crims."

And Gerry Ongpauco agreed: "A huge majority of Filipinos love what he's doing, that's what matters after all he is their president."

Some time later in the discussion, Mr Christensen reiterated his thoughts on Duterte's presidency and its ramifications.


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"So a clarification: Would I want an elected official in Australia to run around shooting people? Of course not," he wrote.

"Do I even think Duterte has done that? No. He's just blustering to look macho which is a big thing in Filipino society. The real issue is the war on drugs.

"Yes, I'm supportive of legalising marijuana. But the s**t ends there. The rest of the stuff - crystal meth especially - destroys lives, relationships, families, communities and whole societies when it gets out of hand. We've done our namby-pamby War on Drugs in the West and it's been a complete failure.

"The Philippines is taking a hardline approach. Their drug abuse stats are about the same as Australia's but it's compounded by the fact that corruption is that endemic in the Philippines that the drug trade has merged with politics. They call it "narco-politics" over there."

"All allegations against individuals, particularly government and legal officials, on the drug front are being taken seriously and suspects are being rounded up for questioning. Where they resist, it's often armed resistance, resulting in death."

Mr Christensen said it's "clear we need strength to tackle our drug problem here in Australia.

"So instead of Western sneering at Duterte and the Philippines, perhaps we can learn from them," he finished.