Citizens' flood-proof and drought-proof plan to be heard

A TRIO with a plan to flood-proof and drought-proof south-east Queensland will sell their proposal to the Queensland Water Supply Minister this week.

Ron McMah, John Hodgkinson, and Trevor Herse, three citizens brought together by a shared vision, have proposed expanding the region's water holding capacity by connecting a pipeline from the Borumba Dam, south of Gympie, to the Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams.

The former Labor government rejected the idea, but Energy and Water Supply Minister Mark McArdle will visit it on Thursday.

"All ideas are on the table as we look at maximising flood protection for SEQ," he said.

"If the proposal was to be considered, it would be up to Seqwater to thoroughly assess its viability against a number of criteria including future water security, infrastructure costs and environment and financial considerations.

"This would be a lengthy exercise."