Clermont Police Station, on 6-8 Capella St, Clermont, in 2007
Clermont Police Station, on 6-8 Capella St, Clermont, in 2007 Core Logic

CQ town with 'inadequate' police facilities

POLICE officers at a central Queensland station are being forced to work out of an old dilapidated building, according to the mining town's local state member. The five police officers in Clermont work out of a building on 6-8 Capella St, a building Member for Burdekin Dale Last said is meant for only two to three officers.

Mr Last approached the State Government about the issue in a Question on Notice, asking what plans there were to construct a new police station.

In his response, Police Minister Mark Ryan said that the facility met "current operational requirements". "I have been assured that QPS will continue to monitor policing needs in the future to maintain safety in the community," he said.

But Mr Last called the Minister's reassurances "disgraceful". "The response from the Minister is absolutely disgraceful, this is a building that is decades old," he said. "It is certainly now beyond capacity and those officers that are working from that current building in Clermont deserve to have modern accommodation where they can do their job properly. It needs a modern facility with the proper resources."

Mr Last said Clermont had been left behind and should get a new facility, as Bowen Police have. A new Bowen Police station was a 2016 state budget promise and due to be completed last year. It was delayed by Cyclone Debbie but is weeks from being finished. A total of 173 offences, mostly relating to drugs, public nuisance and contravening directions, have been committed in Clermont in the last three months.