TOP OPPORTUNITY: Sarah Vanderkolk with her daughters Renae and Jemma.
TOP OPPORTUNITY: Sarah Vanderkolk with her daughters Renae and Jemma. Contributed

Coach scores top role for 2019

FOOTBALL: The 2018 football season has just wrapped up but South Burnett coach Sarah Vanderkolk is already looking forward to the next one and she has good reason to be excited.

Vanderkolk will coach the South West Queensland Thunder under-18 women's team in 2019, her first time coaching at the national premier league level.

"It is something I have been aspiring to do for a few years. It is a learning process for me being new to that level but I am very excited,” she said.

"One of the parents said 'you'd be great because you wear your heart on your sleeve'.”

Football has been a part of her life since she started playing at 13 and she has continued to be involved in the sport first stepping into a coaching role eight years ago.

"I have always had that passion for working with kids and it great to see them go on to achieve great things,” she said.

"I like encouraging the kids to have faith in themselves and work hard.”

She has previously coached South Burnett and South West Queensland teams and became inspired to step up to the next level after seeing her daughter playing in the U13 Thunder team this year.

"One day I would love to end up somewhere like the the Brisbane Roar and this is the first step,” Vanderkolk said.

As well as a great personal achievement her appointment as coach is win for football in the South Burnett, fellow coaches and players alike.

"I hope that what I learn away coaching I can bring back to the South Burnett and work with the kids here and bring them up to that level,” Vanderkolk said.