The Big Cow is being moved from its Sunshine Coast home. PHOTO: Facebook
The Big Cow is being moved from its Sunshine Coast home. PHOTO: Facebook

"Udder madness": Coast landmark taken to slaughter

HOPES The Big Cow would be restored to its former glory atop a prominent hinterland hill were taken to slaughter this morning.

The Kulangoor landmark was a well-loved feature on the drive between Nambour and Yandina, but was carved in two and trucked away this morning.

Mystery surrounds the next step for the giant cow, which was sculpted by Hugh Anderson, the man behind Rockhampton's Big Bulls.

The Daily contacted the owners for comment, but they declined to speak today.

Disappointed locals have taken to social media and posted to-be-confirmed reports it is on its way to a museum near Toowoomba.

Lifelong Sunshine Coast resident Rebekah Tratt said she was disappointed to see a Sunshine Coast landmark gone.

"Those things have always been here, it's just all changing, you drive to Yandina and you would say, 'look kids, there's a big cow'," she said.

"There are kids that aren't going to experience that anymore."

Others have shared their memories of The Big Cow, with Marian Haley stating she remembered it being put there in the mid-70s.

"Just drove past last week and showed my five-year-old granddaughter," she wrote.

The property was developed as the Country World tourist attraction - a working farm running Ayrshire cows, where visitors could learn about the dairy industry.