ARL Commission chairman John Grant.
ARL Commission chairman John Grant. PAUL MILLER

Commission boss Grant to remain in job

RUGBY LEAGUE: Under-fire John Grant will continue as ARL Commission chairman after surviving a marathon day of meetings with NRL club bosses.

Grant's fate was decided at an emergency general meeting in Sydney on Tuesday following his falling-out with NRL clubs over funding.

Clubs sought three concessions: they be given 130% of the salary cap, or about $13 million a year, in funding; they be issued two seats on the eight-member commission; and that Grant be booted.

After meetings that lasted all day, the clubs and NRL came to an agreement that would allow Grant (pictured) to stay on as chairman for the next year.

The package agreed to included a significant increase in club payments in the next five-year cycle, a special fund set up to assist financially distressed clubs, and a 65% increase in funding for grassroots rugby league.