UNITING TOGETHER: The community will come together at the Commercial Pub on Monday night.
UNITING TOGETHER: The community will come together at the Commercial Pub on Monday night. Claudia Williams

Community to gather in show of support after road tragedies

THE fatalities on South Burnett roads in recent weeks have hit hard for residents, whether directly affected or not.

And the region's tireless emergency services have had to perform their jobs in challenging circumstances, while witnessing confronting scenes.


An event at the Commercial Pub in Kingaroy on Monday will serve as a symbol of thanks for the region's first responders, and a show of support for the broader community.

Counsellor Christine Nissen said during tough times, it was important for the community to lean on one another.

"You need focus on what you can control, not what you cannot," Ms Nissen said.

"Thoughts are not facts, so in other words you can lie awake all night wondering 'what if', but they are not facts."

From 5pm on Monday, the community will gather at the Commercial Pub for a chance to reconnect and support one another.

Kristy Frahm, one of the community members behind the event, said it would be an opportunity to hear from community leaders, and offer a listening ear to those who needed one.

"When we have had such a run of tragedy, it affects so many parts of our community and is not only important that we come together, but that we show our first responders that we are thinking of them and show them our support," Ms Frahm said.

"People have all spoken with so much care and concern for what has happened and that is part and parcel of living in the beautiful rural communities that we do."


Ms Frahm said it was important people were aware of the services available in the region, and information would be available at the event.

"There is no better time than at challenging times like this to show where people can get help," she said.

Grazing platters will be provided, and drinks will be on sale at the bar.

Ms Nissen stressed the importance of self-care, keeping a routine and sleep, which is essential to making healthy decisions.

"In times like this it is imperative a person is not isolated and if needed that a person seeks qualified help as soon as possible," she said.