Police have charged four people between Friday and Monday for drug-related charges.
Police have charged four people between Friday and Monday for drug-related charges.

Cops find child in Audi with 30g weed, ice

A GATTON pedestrian who drew police attention was the fourth person in a matter of days to be found with illegal drugs in the Lockyer Valley town.

Between Friday and Monday night, police pinned a number of drugs charges on individuals in Gatton after they executed search warrants at a house, on a car and in relation to a pedestrian.

Last night about 8pm, police noticed a person walking on Dennis Minson Dr, Gatton.

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Gatton Police Officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Rowland Browne said police had questioned the 30-year-old man.

"He said he had been smoking drugs and was found with a small amount of cannabis on him," Snr Sgt Browne said.

The man was served a notice to appear in the magistrates court and will face a drug possession charge.

A day earlier, police stopped a "suspicious" Audi on Spencer Street, Gatton and found two people inside, one of whom was under 18, the other was a 46-year-old man.

Searching the car at 2.15pm, police found a clip seal bag containing about 30 grams of marijuana .5g ice and a pipe.

"The young person was dealt with under the Juvenile Justice Act," Snr Sgt Browne said.

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A man was charged with drug possession and possessing utensils and will appear in Gatton Magistrates Court.

A fourth offender was served a notice to appear in court after police executed a search warrant at her Railway Street home in Gatton.

Police searched the 35-year-old woman's home on Friday at 2.30pm and found 10g cannabis, clip seal bags and a set of scales in her bedside drawer.

She was charged with two drug offences and is expected to appear in Gatton Magistrates Court on August 31.

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