A cigarette lighter ... and drugs inside rectum: Police

A MAN who police found with drugs and utensils inside his rectum while in the watch house has been jailed.

Milan Sebez, 50, pleaded guilty to possessing dangerous drugs and failing to properly dispose of a syringe.

Sebez was arrested on a return-to-prison warrant on February 28.

He was taken to the police watch house.

He was searched and placed in a cell, however police noticed him behaving suspiciously.

Sebez was then seen trying to flush a syringe down a toilet.

Police strip searched Sebez and found a blue cigarette lighter, an inhaler and substances police alleged were heroin and amphetamines stored inside his rectum.

The court heard Sebez had long struggled with drugs and spent much of the past 13 years incarcerated.

Defence lawyer Erin Dwan said Sebez had already served almost six months behind bars since the offence and his release could be placed in the hands of the parole board.

However she said she agreed it was the "more likely outcome" the board would deny his parole release due to his criminal history.

Magistrate Donna McCallum said although the amount of drugs was very small, Sebez's serious history meant prison was her only sentencing option.

"While I accept these amounts are towards the lower end of the scale, that you're serving a sentence from the Supreme Court makes this quite serious," she said.

Ms McCallum sentenced Sebez to six months imprisonment and ordered he be eligible for parole immediately.